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Underrated Brand: Longchamp

I grew up as a typical middle-class kid in a very rich neighbourhood. Looking back, I still think it‘s ridiculous that rich mothers would dress their sons in unbelievably expensive clothes they grew out of within the blink of an eye. And most importantly: the kids didn‘t care what was thrown onto their back. That surely changed when we entered our teens: the „snobs“ – as we called them – had a uniform. The boys wore Barbour jackets and Ralph Lauren Polos. The girls wore the same, with two additions: pearl earrings and a Longchamp Pliage. I hated that bag. It stood against everything my rebellious, Nirvana-obsessed self was believing in. It was an evil symbol if you will.

Luxury bags under 1000

We hardly ever speak of budget matters when it comes to bags. Sure, every fashionista and design lover wants their fair share of a great quality bag, that makes a statement on its own. I count myself among the people who mostly invest in bags and wear fairly “normal” clothes with them. Not only because it’s not just about fashion and trends, but because it’s a form on investment for the future and there is actual money to be made with it. That’s not saying that I don’t love a trend piece from time to time – but to be frank. I’m not a rich girl. I need to be smart with my decision making when it comes to expensive luxury items.