Underrated Brand: Longchamp

How my relationship with Longchamp turned from hate to love. From the series: Underrated Brand

I grew up as a typical middle-class kid in a very rich neighbourhood. Looking back, I still think it‘s ridiculous that rich mothers would dress their sons in unbelievably expensive clothes they grew out of within the blink of an eye. And most importantly: the kids didn‘t care what was thrown onto their back. That surely changed when we entered our teens: the „snobs“ – as we called them – had a uniform. The boys wore Barbour jackets and Ralph Lauren Polos. The girls wore the same, with two additions: pearl earrings and a Longchamp Pliage. I hated that bag. It stood against everything my rebellious, Nirvana-obsessed self was believing in. It was an evil symbol if you will.

My hate for Longchamp didn‘t change when I entered the fashion scene and started working as a lifestyle journalist. I didn‘t pay attention to Longchamp at. All. 

Longchamp Mademoiselle Leather Bag Paris French Fashhion Label

Longchamp Mademoiselle FW19

The first time I actually started paying attention to this underrated brand was with the release of the Longchamp Mademoiselle. I was so smitten with the elegant yes rock-chick-breathing design. When Helmut Lang’s Shayne Oliver did a limited edition for Longchamp, I was convinced. This French fashion house, famous for a stupid plastic bag, was worthy of my love. 

But let‘s shift the focus a little.

What I love about Longchamp is actually – their fashion design! And we hardly ever talk about it or see it on Instagram. I partly blame the fact, that most big online retailers don‘t stock Longchamp (a big mistake, that is eventually to blame for Longchamp being such an underrated brand). 

The looks have been fantastically feminine for many seasons and can easily compare with Dior, Céline & Co. Here are some of my favourite looks from the FW19-20 collection. 

On their way to the top

But there‘s hope for this underrated brand: Hiring a testimonial like Kendall Jenner is a great marketing move. If they keep working on this high level, they might actually make it. Soon! 

Kendall Jenner Longchamp Studio Photography

Kendall Jenner in the Fall/Winter 2019 campaign for Longchamp (c) Longchamp

I do hope though, that they shift their focus away from the Pliage more. I do understand that a brand would bet on their fastest horse, but to gain a new audience, maybe even a high fashion audience, they not only need to up their design game. They need to act on a high-quality level constantly. 


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