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How to wear camel this fall

Camel. My all-time favourite colour. Here’s how to wear camel this fall. Coats. Outfits. And of course: bags.

Did you know that camel referred to coats and materials made from actual camel hair? And that people loved the golden hue so much, it gave away in the sun, that the expression camel quickly became an expression for the colour?

Underrated Brand: Longchamp

I grew up as a typical middle-class kid in a very rich neighbourhood. Looking back, I still think it‘s ridiculous that rich mothers would dress their sons in unbelievably expensive clothes they grew out of within the blink of an eye. And most importantly: the kids didn‘t care what was thrown onto their back. That surely changed when we entered our teens: the „snobs“ – as we called them – had a uniform. The boys wore Barbour jackets and Ralph Lauren Polos. The girls wore the same, with two additions: pearl earrings and a Longchamp Pliage. I hated that bag. It stood against everything my rebellious, Nirvana-obsessed self was believing in. It was an evil symbol if you will.