How to wear camel this fall

Camel. My all-time favourite colour. Here’s how to wear camel this fall. Camel Coats. Outfits. And of course: bags.

Did you know that camel referred to coats and materials made from actual camel hair? And that people loved the golden hue so much, it gave away in the sun, that the expression camel quickly became an expression for the colour?


I have quite an emotional relationship to the colour. Probably because it reminds me of my childhood. My best friend’s mum, who I loved very much, always wore a camel coat when she picked us up from Kindergarten. Camel stuck to me and gives me a warm feeling. So here are my favourite camel-coloured products from this fall:

CAMEL COAT – A classic

Whether you like a wool coat, a classic blazer or something more extravagant like the shearling-trimmed leather coat by LOEWE – all of these are a classic style statement that breathes elegance and are timeless.



There are loads of ways to combine camel with creme-colours, beige or white. Actually, why not go for a camel-overall? There’s hardly any mistake to be made with this look.

As you can see, camel doesn’t only work in a monochromatic way: Stripes and prints are allowed to give the look a more modern feel.


Ok, so if you’re like me and feel a little bit too pale to pull of camel like many others, there’s still hope: A camel bag. And yes, Cognac is fine too, let’s not be too picky about exact colours. After all, it’s about the mood and feel. And you know what they say: Anything is allowed, that’s to your taste.


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